ECG was founded in 1996 and, since then, has served over seventy different healthcare companies. Our client base ranges from large multinational healthcare companies to early stage organizations with emerging technologies. We maintain long term relationships with over eighty-five percent of our clients and are committed to actively partnering with clients to meet critical business and product challenges. 

Over the years we have built strong relationships with a vetted network of other services organizations, CMOs, and CDOs that we access, if required, for client companies. This allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to the entire range of required skills involved in designing, developing  and commercializing medical products. Our internal capability coupled with this strong external network allows us to assemble an A-Team for our clients.

Our Perspective and Philosophy

About Us

In the healthcare industry today, it is no longer sufficient to have powerful technologies and products. The current climate requires new approaches to emerging industry challenges and the discovery and deployment of new approaches to ensure success of needed new technologies and products. ECG aggressively meets these challenges with their team of knowledgeable professionals with experience in all major segments of the healthcare industry in both large, global and small entrepreneurial companies. Our approach is informed by a rich understanding of the intricacies of the medical products and life science industries. Our broad range of solutions enhance and differentiate our client's technologies and products.

ECG Team members are established experts in their areas of the industry as demonstrated by their  proven track record