Design, Development, Operations and Quality Support 

ECG has extensive experience leading, managing and providing a broad range of required product specific technical deliverables to major client programs. Our varied experience leverages our in depth understanding of the complexities of implementation and cross-functional integration. Our strong commitment to continuously improving our approach and leveraging current industry best practice results in pragmatic, proven and differentiated solutions. Services provided include the following:

  • Generation and review of Product Profiles and associated inputs to ensure product meets market requirements
  • Technical assessments of products, technologies and processes to consistently meet product, market and regulatory requirements
  • Assistance with resolution of unique challenges associated with drug device combination products and biologics formulations where knowledge of several technical disciplines is required to optimize solutions
  • Participation on Advisory Boards, Product, Process and Design Reviews to provide informed, external perspective  ​

Technology and Product Due Diligence

ECG employs a rapid, targeted, cost effective process to assess organizations, technologies and products. Using our experience in a variety of settings associated with a wide range of products, we provide relevant insights that inform decisions and highlight areas of both opportunity and risk. We have conducted the following assessments for venture capitalists, investment banks and companies:

  • Acquisition of technologies or product and mergers of companies 
  • Funding of technology, products or companies
  • Assessment of successful completion of funding milestones 

Systems and Process Support 

ECG  has designed, developed, implemented and provided enhancements to processes and systems associated with Development, Operations, Quality and Supply Chain Management. Approaches are tailored to the company with emphasis on efficient and effective solutions.

  • Generation and review of technology and product strategies and associated Business Plans and funding strategies
  • Establishment and refinement of Development, Quality, Operations, and Supply Chain systems and processes
  • Selection, management and governance of partnerships and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations
  • Monitoring and improvement of company product, process or system

Interim Management

ECG has a long history of providing interim management to client companies. Roles include primarily VP level roles in Development, Operations and Quality. We have demonstrated the ability to quickly respond to organizational challenges and successfully addressed critical organizational issues. Examples of interim management roles that have been provided include the following:

  • VP of Operations for early stage company with innovative drug delivery technology
  • Director of Device Development for one of the largest multinational biopharmaceutical companies
  • VP of Operations for medical diagnostic company
  • ​Head of Development for commercial company with critical need for life cycle improvements to both drug and device of a marketed combination product

Alliance Management

ECG's approach to Alliance Management leverages experience gained from our experience leading complex partnership between companies collaborating on technology/product development or contract organizations. We apply our specialized alliance management capabilities, expertise and decision making tools to maximize the outcome of the partnership. ECG provides the following outcomes to critical partnerships:

  • Serves as advocate for the partnership and its objectives
  • Promotes the establishment of high levels of collaboration and resource management
  • Enables establishment of a robust governance process
  • Drives organizational, operational and management alignment
  • ​Provides process to ensure decisions consider historical contact and most current data to promote selection of best solution for critical, time-senstive issues